Airbnb Mystery

Staying at a new place


  • “[T]he middle of making things often feels like incoherence. You’re far enough away from the beginning that you’ve lost the flush of newness, but you’re also very far from the end. The work feels muddied, unfinished, and possibly very bad.” Dang, Ava, talking directly to me in the excellent and new-to-me newsletter Bookbear Express. I also enjoyed this installment, on “sticking with it.” And this one, on “halfheartedness.”

  • Older (2018) but funny: Knitting AI-generated patterns. [AIWeirdness] (Thank you, John!) Hot tentacle look for summer ‘21.

  • I know I’m late, but in case you missed it, this was a fascinating Rachel Aviv story on memory in The New Yorker. [TNY]

  • “A while ago, I logged onto Facebook for the first time in months. And when I did, I actually laughed at how ridiculous everything looked. The red notification dots everywhere, the ads, the auto-playing videos. ... It’s interesting how taking a break from something can reorient your lens toward it entirely.” Mmm. From the More to That newsletter, in an installment that’s otherwise mostly about envy. Lifetime subscribers to this newsletter can receive a detailed list of everyone I personally envy...