Baby Dream

From a few nights ago

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  • “Do I look like a Persian Bonnie Raitt?” I enjoyed this from Manoush Zomorodi: “Old Lady Hair (Or, a Self-Indulgent Meditation on Accelerated Aging).” [Medium]

  • “When I write, I am constantly asking myself: Is this right? Is this right? Is this right? Am I just doing this because I have a bad feeling that I am trying to expel from my body? I think of it as some kind of scrubbing. Get rid of the received wisdom, the cliches, and everything else you’ve read. What do you actually think?” Lauren Oyler, in The End of the World Review (via Laura Olin).

  • This was great: “The Secret of the Unicorn Tapestries,” by Danielle Oteri, in The Paris Review. “I pointed to the rose forming from the dog’s bloody wound, a detail I had never even noticed until an eighth-grade boy asked me about it. Stunned that I hadn’t seen the rose before, I asked my boss, a twenty-five-year veteran of the museum, if she had. She hadn’t, but told me it wasn’t worth considering as it had never been mentioned in any of the official scholarship on the Tapestries.”