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Monday, February 10, 2020


Tuesday, February 11, 2020



  • “Americans today have less family than ever before.” I enjoyed the big David Brooks story on how “the nuclear family was a mistake,” in The Atlantic. (Also: “Affluent people have the resources to effectively buy extended family, in order to shore themselves up.”)

  • “Instead, fame is likely to magnify all of your insecurities and exaggerate all of your fears. It’s like picking up a fire extinguisher for your pain that ends up being a canister of gasoline.” [Tim Ferriss]

  • “That theory turned out to be wrong in the details — it turned out that nobody other than Google and Facebook could make a profit solely on digital advertising — but it may yet prove right in the generalities.” My friend and mentor Ben Williams, formerly of New York Magazine, has started a newsletter called The Range, and so far it includes media commentary, TV and music recommendations, and a bunch of links. I love it. It also got me to watch “The Outsider” last night, which I am now proud to agree is “minor HBO,” and I will definitely keep watching it tonight and/or tomorrow. 

  • “If she could wear shoes, she’d pick pink high heels.” Cartoonist Katie Fricas went “Hobnobbing With the Stars of the American Kennel Club” and came away with these beautiful portraits of dogs and their owners. [Cartoonfricassee/Instagram; full story on Popula]

  • Spiralbound link (this is the comics site I run): “My heart is closed a lot of the time.”