Butterfly Update


Previously: A man we met upstate gifted us a caterpillar that was about to turn into a butterfly. Worried it wouldn’t survive the car trip back to Brooklyn (although I think I was wrong, plus it looks like in a worst-case scenario you can reattach them with glue, tape, or even dental floss), we left the butterfly with a neighbor.


  • Last week’s installment of Wild Life, Amy Jean Porter’s fantastic illustrated newsletter about animals, was about the monarch butterfly, and as usual it was excellent!


  • “One day, I approached the two of them in the yard. ‘Sheila,’ I said, my voice quivering, ‘aren’t we best friends anymore?’” “Notes on Humiliation,” by Vivian Gornick, in Harper’s

  • I missed John Seabrook’s 2017 personal essay about drinking when it came out, but I was glad to read it this weekend, in connection with his recent exploration into non-alcoholic beverage replacements, for The New Yorker: “An Ex-Drinker’s Sober Buzz.” [Both TNY]

  • On a lighter note, this tweet made me laugh: “This baby sounds like a real threat…..” [Alanna/Twitter]