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  • “I worked to understand what had happened, and I spent the next several years trying to figure it out.” In the Guardian: “How One Hour of Slow Breathing Changed My Life.”

  • Slate’s Willa Paskin asking the important questions on Twitter: “I’m looking for recommendations for short, perfectish novels, like in the 120-200 page range.” I’m compelled by Dan Kois’s response.

  • “It was for me a new way of moving my body, no less strenuous, but so much more expansive and in a way meditative.” I loved this story about one woman’s experience with triathlons, trekking, and epilepsy. [Triathlon]

  • “If you have a child, you may have run across the debate between training wheels and balance bikes.” Noah Brier on training and goal-preparation, in Why Is This Interesting. (“Because I can’t help myself, it strikes me that there’s a four-box in here. If you are excited about the optimal approach, that’s awesome and definitely the best option. But more frequently, you find yourself [or your kids] deciding between box 1 [exciting, but not optimal] or box 3 [optimal, but not exciting].”) I hadn’t known about this debate and am now trying to apply the approaches to other things in life.

  • I’m very excited to be one of the next Substack fellows! [Substack]