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  • Related? “Watching Cute Animals Is Good for Human Health” [CNN]


  • “I was drinking more and more, not even getting drunk because my tolerance was so high. Every day I’d make a promise not to drink, and then 5 p.m. would roll around, and the thought of not unwinding with a glass of something legit terrified me, so I would. It was so depressing and also so boring!!!” It’s hard to pick which lines to share from this great Ryan O’Connell post about sobriety.  

  • I was grateful for the opportunity to correspond with author and dyslexia researcher Don Winn. Here’s our interview: “On Drawing as Therapy.”

  • “She was scared of drawing noses and feet, but her people always wore jewelry.” I loved this, from Lynda Barry. [Instagram/Drawn and Quarterly]

  • Newsletter rec: I am very much enjoying Foster Kamer’s gossipy new weekly media newsletter, Fostertalk. Here’s the first installment

Also, I’ve been publishing some older comics directly to the site for subscribers: Louise Glück, Instagram Scrolling, Money & Desire, The Barre, David Lynch’s Dune, Emotions, and Zinnias. They never felt quite right to send out, but they were gathering dust in the drafts section and I figured why not. (Subscriptions cost $5 a month or $40 a year!)