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Edith Zimmerman

Hi, I’m Edith, formerly of The Hairpin and The Cut, and this is my new newsletter. If you are getting this out of the blue, it’s because I took the liberty of signing you up! I’m hoping that you will want and/or like it, although I will not be offended if you unsubscribe.

The tagline is: An illustrated newsletter with links, comics, and short stories. Please let me know what you think!

Earlier this year, I met up with a woman who gave me an astrological birth-chart reading. She used the Chinese method of Ba-Zi, or the Four Pillars of Destiny, which I hadn't heard of before. 

She told me that this coming fall (now) would be a good time for me to go into business for myself. She also told me that my “house of marriage” was in disarray, but she was more interested in the business thing. I liked how it sounded, even though it also sounded ridiculous, and I filed it in the back of my mind, not really knowing what “going into business” might look like. I liked her, though, and I like accumulating weird reasons to make big changes. 

Anyway, this is my attempt to go into business for myself. This newsletter will include illustrated links, short writing, comics, and hopefully features from other people, too. There will be a paid subscription option later, when I can figure that out (I hit a speed bump). This newsletter is officially, as of today, my job. Have I lost my mind? I hope not, but maybe. I also run the comics section Spiralbound and illustrate the sobriety newsletter The Small Bow, and I am always right on the other side of my email address.

Okay, here are the Links.

Religion is, in effect, a management system for our emotional lives that helps the human organism stay healthy and well.

Prospect Magazine

Jupiter adds fertilizer to whatever is present, making this a potent time to be intentional about all that you wish to grow, but more importantly perhaps, the structures needed in order for you to do so. 

Chani Nicholas

I have to confess I like short books. I was a judge of the Baillie Gifford Prize for Nonfiction last year and I was appalled by how long many of the books on the longlist for that prize were. 

Five Books

According to my back-of-the envelope calculations, I should have $200,000 saved before having a child.


Romantic love — seeking it, glorifying it, dishing it — is a human obsession. My English barmaid mother called it a ‘funny five minutes’ never to be trusted and basically dangerous for women.  


One of my favorite @sesamestreet moments of all time... 


The physicians themselves tend to use intermittent fasting and ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diets. 

ScienceDirect/Obesity Medicine

Their marriage, like most marriages, requires two jobs but can only accommodate one career, and it’s not Toby’s.  


Court Rules Anyone Can Use the Word 'Balsamic' to Describe Their Vinegar ... The word "balsamic" is a semi-antiquated adjective, meaning "to soothe" or "to heal."

Modern Farmer

It is almost impossible to be bored when a person tells you sincerely what they have failed at or who has humiliated them, what they long for and when they have been at their craziest. 

The School of Life

“What are you watching?” she said.

I had paused the TV to answer the door, and the image frozen on the screen was of a man with his yellow basketball shorts around his knees, his dick censored by a blur of pixels.

Me, oblivious: “Florida Girls? It’s about these four friends who live in a trailer in dirtbag Florida, and then one of them moves away for a better life, and the others have to adjust, and Changes Happen. I just started it, it’s OK so far…..”

Coffee and TV

Hot Girl beauty recommendations are almost never to be trusted. 

The Outline

When I come home from work, stepping through the front door, I usually feel (I think) neutral to positive. Then I see my wife Pauline and daughter Kate — and how I evaluate them reveals whether in fact I came through that door grumpy.


Plus, what the truck is actually doing when it arrives has an air of the forbidden.  

The Atlantic

I found that, by working at my own pace, by taking things very carefully and very thoughtfully, by accepting and embracing my new limitations, and by facing up to my own uncertainty, I was not only able to create things that I loved and felt had value, but to make a new kind of life through my own making. 

Kate Davies and Co.

Daily (Weekly? Bi-weekly?) Comic. (Is the newsletter too long?)

Well, that’s it. Was it too long? What should I do next time? Please let me know, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for reading.