Reading James Clear's 2018 book...


  • James Clear has a newsletter, too. It’s intense, and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s also short.

  • Craig Mod’s essay about habits and Atomic Habits. (“The book isn’t a magic pill, but it offers the most coherent explanation and dissection I’ve seen for how success, failure, and habit are intertwined.”)

  • James Clear’s Atomic Habits, 2018 [James Clear]

  • Allen Carr’s Stop Drinking Now [Amazon], and my past essays mentioning it:

    • “How to Change Without Willpower” [The Cut]

    • “A Spiteful Guide to Self-Improvement” [The Cut]

    • “My First Year Sober” [Spiralbound]


  • Geologist Finds … Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster.” Via Money Stuff.

  • “There’s something about newsletters that bugs me, and I can’t put my finger on it.” Thought-provoking and very cool-looking multimedia post from Robin Rendle. “It’s almost as if we’ve gone back to reading off parchment after we invented books.”

  • Great Beauty Uniform interview from runner/Olympian/writer Alexi Pappas on Cup of Jo: “I feel most beautiful, I think, in two scenarios. First, when I’m running in a way where my mind and my body are on the same page. It’s almost like I’m watching myself run from just above, and it’s a beautiful feeling. It’s a flow. It’s graceful. Those times are rare.” I started Pappas’s new book Bravey, which is also excellent. (“Chasing a dream is a never-ending negotiation, as in, you have to keep navigating, pivoting, adapting, and persisting.”)

  • Related: “What I really enjoyed was coming up with and getting excited about the goal, and setting out on the journey to get there, alongside our fellow members. So what if I didn’t reach it?” I loved this recent installment of the running newsletter The Half Marathoner. “It’s what the aiming does to you that counts — how gathering and focusing your energy makes you better, regardless of the outcome.” (Also great: THM’s subscriber-only installment on Alexi Pappas!)

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