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In praise of Command hooks, again

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  • “My mind had moved a few inches to the left of its usual place, and I developed what I realized later were actual paranoid delusions. ‘Jason’s cough is fake,’ I secretly texted a friend from the bathtub, where I couldn’t be monitored. ‘I ... don’t think his cough is fake,’ she responded, with the gentle tact of the healthy. ‘Oh it is very, very fake,’ I countered, and then further asserted the claim that he had something called Man Corona.” Patricia Lockwood on life with coronavirus, in the LRB. (“Insane after coronavirus?”)

  • “…protecting myself against criticism vs. accepting it as a gift…” Jason Kottke on “the paradox of individual creative work.”

  • Last week a few people were able to identify the mystery music I heard in the park: Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro.” My friend Aileen pointed me toward this affecting Radiolab episode about the music.

  • “Two millennia later, both the ring and the curse on its thief are both discovered 80 miles apart.” The legend of the Venus ring. [Thread Reader App/Gareth Harney]

  • Great bird pics! [Audubon’s 2020 Photography Award Winners.]

  • “A weekly still life drawing challenge,” on Instagram: StillHereStillLife (via A Thing or Two With Claire & Erica). The account posts a photo each week, then artists around the world submit their renderings of it. I like this one, from this week’s photo.

  • “[W]e cut some cherry tomatoes in half, buried them in our garden—and now we have tomato plants!” Whoa. Next time I have a garden, and it’s spring, I’m trying this. From Andrea Mowry’s knitting newsletter