I Tried a Peloton

It was fun!

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  • “Welcome to Hagsville: Kelly Abeln’s Autobiographical Comics.” Great interview with the wonderful Kelly, on MOO

  • “Maybe my wit had seeped out of my body with the blood of childbirth, or maybe it got absorbed into the flab of my face, which I suddenly realized was just a giant, featureless ass cheek.” I loved this from Heather Havrilesky in The Cut: “Are You Aging Correctly?

  • I’m getting into the Shedunnit podcast, about classic detective stories. Plus the host, Caroline Crampton, has a wonderful voice. I started with Episode 48: The Telephone Call. (“Why has the murder of Julia Wallace on the night of 20 January 1931 haunted detective novelists for decades? Well, it all comes back to the telephone call.”)

  • I enjoyed this NYT profile of Money Stuff’s Matt Levine, noted friend of Drawing Links.