More Mermaid

She prepares for the weekend & gives a home tour

Every so often I’m going to check in on what my mermaid friend is doing. These will have a “to be continued” vibe, although I’m not sure if they will actually continue.

Previously: The mermaid is a health blogger.

To be continued? We’ll check in with her another time to see how things are going.


  • “Are you tired of people complaining about literally everything, every day?” Lol. Twitter/The Shenanigan Twins (via Twitter/JayArnold).  

  • Instagram account I love: Rebecca Ackermann and her smooth, tiny clay food sculptures. This is a favorite. Also these. Also this. Also this

  • “Like most plants and people, I find my way slowly and have to fail a bunch. How can you succeed if you don't have room to try something and fuck it up? It doesn't help to have someone constantly telling you how to do things! You'll figure it out later!” I enjoyed this Study Hall profile of Choire Sicha, editor of the New York Times Style section and co-founder of The Awl (and my former colleague there). 

  • If you’re looking for more newsletters to follow, InsideHook put together a list of the 80 Best Single-Creator Newsletters, and I would say that the list is totally perfect and brilliant!  

  • “INTERVIEW: What’s one skill we should all learn while in quarantine?” “TOLENTINO: How to make someone feel loved from a distance.” Jia Tolentino in Interview. With a beautiful portrait from Ruben Baghdasaryan.  

  • “...the two fears that love may stoke in a soul: that of unworthiness, and that love ‘does not love us enough.’” Jennifer Krasinski in Bookforum on the 13th-century mystic Hagewijch.