New Rash

On my back!


  • “Substack writers are making serious money in the newsletter game—but it's publish or perish.” I enjoy all stories about Substack, including this one from Jen Doll in Fortune.  

  • I also enjoyed this look at a graphic novel about the dancing plague of 1518, also called The Dancing Plague, by Gareth Brookes. (And reviewed in the NYT.)

  • I wrote something about intermittent fasting for Bustle (and for my excellent former editor Melissa Dahl!), as part of their package on abandoning routines.

  • “The part that really got my attention, and helped me zero in on what I think gives social media such a tractor beam-like pull on our attention, is what they had to say about the role addictions play in staving off simple boredom.” I loved this post from The Half Marathoner’s Terrell Johnson about getting off social media. (Part one here.)