New Toilet Seat

Installation struggle


  • Here’s the toilet seat in case anyone is interested, although I’m not sure I totally recommend. [Amazon]

  • This Old House on YouTube. Definitely recommend!


  • “The future is drafted by people doing work they don’t have to do.” Maybe a little cheesy-inspirational, but it spoke to me. From “The Messy Middle,” on businessperson/blogger (?) Blas Moros’s site

  • Book rec: I loved Nothing to See Here, by Kevin Wilson. (Thanks, Noah!) I remember seeing glowing reviews when it came out and thinking “eh,” because the subject seemed so strange. If you don’t know what it’s about, I’d say jump in without even googling. 

  • “Help! I Couldn't Stop Writing Dear Prudence Letters That Got Published.” I’m late to this, but it’s brilliant. (“...The letter that received the most attention was also my final one. The evening after Help! My Husband Won’t Remove His Mask, Even For Sex! ran, I was on my first margarita at a Mexican restaurant when a colleague texted me that it was getting traction on Twitter…”) [Gawker]

  • “…Vacuum cleaners and washing machines basically didn’t save any time at all, because the standards of cleanliness rose to offset the benefits. It soon became a moral obligation to keep the carpet spotless, because you could.” !!! Oliver Burkeman, on Five Books. (“The Best Books on Time Management.”)

  • “I realized that they had desperately needed to know what was happening.” “Tell Children the Truth: What I learned when I told my 5-year-old boys about cancer,” from Caitlin Flanagan, in The Atlantic.

  • “The real scandal, if I may, is the fact that so many people who attended [college] seem to have no idea what it’s for.” ️‍🔥️‍🔥️‍🔥 Philosopher Agnes Callard, on “The Real College Scandal,” in The Point last month. Reminds me that I drew a comic about her last year but never published it. I put it up on the site just now if anyone is curious.

  • How to sew on a button. I’ve been doing it wrong for years! [Reddit/Real Men Real Style via Recomendo]