Drawing faces

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  • “Lockdown left me feeling unmoored, and my mind turned often to drawing.” Author David Farrier, in Lit Hub, on rediscovering the pleasures of sketching. (“I needed the old feeling of being grounded by the line.”)

  • My friend Erin Williams is having a sale of the canvases she’s painted over the summer. Check it out!

  • I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love photographer Noah Kalina’s newsletter. Each week he shares a spare, funny story of something interesting happening in his life. Most recently he wrote about a peach tree, while past installments have been about birdhouses, poppies, nuggets.

  • Beautiful photos of Ukrainian headdresses. (Also, in Vogue.)

  • I enjoyed Oliver Burkeman’s last column: “The Eight Secrets to a Fairly Fulfilled Life,” in The Guardian. I especially like No. 2: “When stumped by a life choice, choose ‘enlargement’ over happiness.” (I also enjoyed interviewing Burkeman about happiness for The Hairpin, way back in 2012!)