Yet another comic about knitting

Edith Zimmerman

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Previously: Keeping Quilt Time // The beginning of the quilt.

Other links:

  • “The smeary black dots were not bedbug feces!! They were scratch art flecks. It was the best COVID-19 experience we have had. I was happy for like one whole hour.” LOL, Laura Hazard Owen. [I’ll Be Right Back]  

  • “The first couple of weeks, I felt like I was wearing my skin inside out, all of my nerves exposed painfully, gruesomely to the world. Even in situations where I wouldn’t have usually been drunk, like at work or while running errands, I felt unsteady.” An essay from The Cut’s Madeleine Aggeler: “How Do I Stay Sober Now?

  • The cartoonist group Pizza Island (Lisa Hanawalt, Julia Wertz, Sarah Glidden, Karen Sneider, Domitille Collardey, Kate Beaton, and Meredith Gran) has reconvened.

  • “The women who had recently given birth had such pronounced biological changes in their brains that a computer algorithm could separate the new mothers from those who had never given birth.” [NYT] (“This Is Your Brain on Motherhood”)

  • Whoa: “Edible Versions of Famous Artworks.” [Kottke] More here. I would like to make some...