Slow Running

The journey not the destination!

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  • The Half Marathoner, a great running newsletter/community from Terrell Johnson.

  • No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running, by John Bingham (Goodreads/Amazon). I just bought a used copy. (Also, a note: Last week I created an Amazon affiliates code for this newsletter, but I have since learned that Amazon affiliate links are unwelcome in emails, so my experiment there was short-lived. Sorry about that!)


  • “Does Your Child Really Need Braces?” Skeptical orthodontic content, from Undark. Reminds me that I would love to have this permanent retainer on my bottom teeth removed eventually, I think.

  • “UGH… I feel so depressed and empty today.” Cartoonist Kelly Abeln, in a moving story on Instagram. (Also, more Kelly boyfriend comics here.)

  • Speaking of boyfriends: “Someone got their boyfriend to rate wedding dresses.” I think this was my favorite internet content this past week. Year? Decade? [Twitter/davejorgenson]

  • “I thought I’d write up a clamsplainer…” Dan the Clam Man shares facts about clams.

  • “I woke up to find that one of my sunflower heads was gone.” A cartoon mystery, from Claire Barliant.

  • This is beautiful: Weeping Frog Woman, a wood-and-abalone sculpture. (Via The Whippet.)