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  • "My downstairs neighbor has been filming TikToks with her friend. I'm a little bit obsessed with her.” A Spiralbound link to the wonderful Molly Cassity’s “Quarantine Neighbor Crush.” (“Grayson they are doing it again look.”)

  • I wrote for GQ about getting into running via the app Strava. Buzzfeed also has a guide for how to run more safely during quarantine times (found via Terrell Johnson’s great newsletter The Half Marathoner).

  • “If they’re healthier, why is their life expectancy lower?” Slate Star Codex on the Amish health care system.

  • #avoidthis,” by cartoonist Brian Rea, via artist Dasha Tolstikova’s great newsletter Comfort Soup. (Speaking of Dasha, here’s her February Spiralbound story, “Monster.” Newly relevant!)

  • That mop [Amazon]