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  • “A beautiful blue button Porpita porpita. These jellyfish relatives live floating on the surface of the water, and are a favorite food for many sea turtles and birds!” [Twitter/OpenOceanExploration] Extremely cool nature video! 

  • “... you’d rather stay home with the dull pleasure of watching documentaries alone, even if that pleasure would pale in comparison to social connection with people who get you.” From Jessica Dore’s latest wonderful Tarot newsletter. Touché. 

  • “‘It was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some odd things,’ she said.” In Slate, Ruth Graham investigates the mysterious “Oil Bible.” 

  • “I see so many people clasp their hands. The hands must not touch. It messes up the energy flow from head to toe.” An interview with the man who just held a plank for eight hours. [NYT]

  • Chain carrot. What do you think?” [gakugakugakugakugaku1 via Colossal]

  • “I would NOT tie payments or membership directly to a newsletter, but instead to the broader work that I do. Use your newsletters and social media accounts to promote the membership, but don't make them the central product of your membership. I would NOT paywall content…” Fascinating thoughts on paid membership, from Longreads’ Mark Armstrong (via his new newsletter).

  • “New studies are showing how light can heal the brain and body of … anything? Everything? That’s an exaggeration, obviously, but just barely, or so I’m beginning to believe.” My former editor Melissa Dahl is making a convincing case for light therapy, in The Cut. (“My Joovv Mini is an 8¾-by-15-inch flat panel of red and near-infrared lights, and it costs $695.” Dangerous!)