Watching Shakespeare on TV

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  • “[M]y absolute favorite dating show is a much simpler and gentler celebration of romance...” I loved this meditation on reality dating shows, from Evangeline Garreau’s fantastic newsletter May I Recommend? I’m especially interested in one of the shows she mentions: “Once a week a couple goes into the ‘Truth Booth,’ a hilariously futuristic tiki hut in which they find out for sure whether or not they are a perfect match. This inevitably leads to people drunkenly falling in love in the first 24 hours, finding out they’re not a match, and then wreaking havoc for the rest of the season.”

  • In case anyone is ever in need of a greeting or holiday card, I recommend my friend Megan’s Etsy shop, which happens to also have an amazing name. (This card is my current favorite. Also this set.)

  • “Iowa explains social distancing with a butter cow.” [Reddit]

  • Another newsletter recommendation: The Kick, for women runners, from Molly Mirhashem.