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  • “If you want, blame the coronavirus: Say the lockdown has made you a little crazy. Or tell the person why you are doing it, and let them comfort you (and see where it goes from there).” I am into these four bullet points on how to bring more love into our lives, from Arthur C. Brooks, in The Atlantic. (The part I quoted is from No. 3:Take a risk. Confess your love or admiration for someone who doesn’t know you have these feelings.”)

  • Following Your Heart Is the Logical Thing to Do,” a hybrid illustrated essay, by the anonymous author More To That. (“You can’t predict the countless benefits that await you on the other side.”)

  • “When therefore it shall happen, as happen it will, that you or I have disappointed the expectation of the other, you are not to suppose that you have lost me or that I intended to lose you; nothing will remain but to repair the fault, and to go on as if it never had been committed.” Alan Jacobs quoting Samuel Johnson, in a blog post on “The Emotional Intelligence of Long Experience.”