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  • “AREN’T YOU ENRICHED, GUYS?” I laughed: Claire’s Tips for a Successful Quarantine, featuring Claire Zulkey of the always excellent Evil Witches parenting newsletter. [YouTube, 2:55 minutes]

  • Cool Instagram account: Angel City Zen Center and its peaceful single-frame zen cartoons (although that’s not a great description — here’s one I liked). Along the same lines, I’m a new fan of Sister Cody on Instagram.

  • An ode to walking, and to Japan, and to walking in Japan, with pretty illustrations. [Medium]

  • Speaking of walking in Japan, I’ve been enjoying Craig Mod’s newsletter-within-a-newsletter Pachinko Road, about his month-long walk along the Tōkaidō highway, between Tokyo and Kyoto. His photographs are beautiful. Sign up now for more installments through the rest of November!

  • “It’s always important to show a work in progress to more than one person at a time, so that nobody’s opinion is too influential. What if you show it to only one person and they hate it? And you believe them! Or they love it? And you believe them!” Sheila Heti in LitHub on “The Importance of Finding Trusted Readers.” (Shoutout to the three people I usually send this newsletter to…)  

  • “the Skeleton can be used year-round.” [Twitter/lexie_stinson via Abigail Wise]

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