Under the ice

A comic about spirituality

Hi, I’m Edith, and this is a newsletter with links, personal writing, and comics about my life. I’d love to know what you think—please feel free to reply to this email!



  • “I'm obsessed with my wrinkles. They're ALL OVER my face!” [Hinda Avery for Jewish Currents] Thanks, Adina! 

  • “[Imagine] eight blissful years of married life, then many decades of widowhood and careful tending of your husband’s legacy, only to re-encounter him as a stranger in the 1,131 passionate love letters he wrote to someone else?” [The TLS]

  • Spiralbound link (Spiralbound is the Medium comics site I run, so I am biased, but I love these stories): “I remember myself as being single, but actually I was just in a relationships where I felt alone.”

  • “Why bury her without her name but with reference to an illicit relationship with Dr. Clements?” My friend Terrilyn McCormick is trying to solve a cemetery mystery around a tombstone that reads only “Lady Friend of Dr. Clements, 1856,” and she’s chronicling it (and asking for help/ideas/clues) in a newsletter

  • “To my eyes, it looks like glitch art, even though it was made in the seventeenth century.” Cool images from a post called “These Bizarre Ivory Cups Were Carved By Princes.” [JSTOR]

  • “I have this picture from a biology textbook saved because it always makes me happy when I see it no matter how bad I feel.” [Twitter/@spookperson] Worked for me.

  • “I discovered that my roots are bound in a ziplock bag.” Diary of a Space Zucchini, 2012. Thank you, Melissa.