YouTube Screenshots

ASMR moments, discovery of new account


  • These are all from the YouTube account Friends With ASMR, which I have been enjoying lately, along with my 10 other YouTube ASMR subscriptions…


  • My mind was blown by this Radiolab episode on placentas. (Thanks, Charlotte!) “In a way, it’s a struggle, almost like a tiny war.”

  • A few weeks ago, I wrote about the painting “Watson and the Shark,” by John Singleton Copley, for the newsletter Why Is This Interesting. Check it out if you’re looking to add more shark-painting info to your life.

  • Also in sharks, this gripping story about a shipwreck, in Boston Magazine: “Lost at Sea.”

  • And to round out the maritime links, I’ve been reading the Master and Commander books (a.k.a. the Aubrey-Maturin series), and I love them. I’m on book four, and there are 16 to go, which feels like the greatest gift of all time.

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