Who am I?

I’m Edith Zimmerman, a writer and illustrator. In 2010 I started The Hairpin (RIP), and I’ve since written for a number of publications, including The Cut, the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, GQ, and The Awl. I also run the nonfiction comics section Spiralbound and illustrate the recovery newsletter The Small Bow. I started Drawing Links in December 2019.

What is this newsletter?

It’s mostly nonfiction comics about my life, plus links to stories I like online.

Is this newsletter my main job?

Yes! I also do freelance and work part-time elsewhere.

Am I planning to offer a paid subscription? Don’t I need to make money off this newsletter for it to be my job?

Yes. I’m hoping to offer a paid subscription by June 2020. I’m still trying to figure out what this should look like.

Did you always draw or is this a new thing?

I took classes in college, drew occasionally for a defunct personal blog and The Hairpin, and then picked it back up again in earnest when I stopped drinking. My past comics include My First Year Sober and an ode to menstrual cups on Imgur.

How often does this newsletter come out?

Between one and three times a week.