Books in Isolation

A comic about 'Hyperion,' 'Gift From the Sea,' and 'There, There'

Hi, I’m Edith, and this is a newsletter with links, personal writing, and comics about my life. I’d love to know what you think; please feel free to reply to this email!

  • Link: Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos Book One), by Dan Simmons, Amazon

  • Link: Gift From the Sea, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Amazon

Also, a request/an experiment! If you have a 50- or 100-word story about meeting someone you admire, I’d love to draw it. Just respond to this email with your story, and I’ll see what I can do (and I’d potentially publish it in a future installment of this newsletter, however you’d like to be attributed).


  • An entertaining three-minute TED Talk about books from Chip Kidd (thanks, Eugene!).

  • Friend of Drawing Links Jim Behrle’s recent music set on WFMU: “Welcome to the First Day of the End of the World.”

  • “Over the last few years … I’ve seen caffeine become a kind of crutch for me.” [WITI] My friend Colin Nagy quit caffeine, mostly, using this method and rationale, and I’m tempted, but for now I’m still stocking up [on coffee].

  • “The idea that extreme heat can improve mental health isn’t new.” More sauna content, from Outside. And in case you have a backyard, here’s a guide to building a sauna of your own. And here’s a video if you just want to watch someone else doing it. (“Outside we stained the barrel with organic materials: boiled onion skin, coffee, cacao, and some blood from the people who disliked this video.”)