Evening Primrose

i, Naturalist

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  • Common evening primrose, “oenothera biennis” [Wikipedia]

  • Evening primrose, flower meaning: Aunty Flo (“fickleness, faithlessness”), A to Z Flowers (“protection, youth, and love”). Other flower meanings: Farmer’s Almanac.

  • iNaturalist online, and on Instagram and Twitter. And here’s a link to their other plant- and animal-identification app, Seek (with an intro video). (Images on Seek aren’t shared publicly.)


  • “Since you’ve pushed so much oxygen into your body during the first part, you can hold your breath for an unusually long time.” I liked this introduction, from Joseph Dana, to the Wim Hof breath-holding technique (with instruction video). “You begin to feel tingly and almost light.”

  • Recommended: This Wired story about “Mostly Harmless,” a mysterious unidentified hiker who died in 2018. 

  • I’ve been enjoying Sara Campbell’s peaceful weekly newsletter, Tiny Revolutions. Here’s the most recent installment. I also especially liked this installment, and her nudges toward meditation.