4.5 months


  • Tom and I also got married! ❤️❤️❤️ [Instagram]

  • Cooking with wool,” lemonade edition. I loved this stop-motion mini-animation by Andrea Love [also Instagram]!

  • “… she was counting down the hours until my dad’s return from work, when she could leave for aerobics. She was already in her leotard, tights, and sweatband when he called to remind her he had to stay for a meeting that night — she’d have to miss her class. She sat down at the kitchen table and wept.” Journalist Danielle Friedman on “The Failed Promise of the Aerobics Revolution” in the NYT. (I’m also excited for her book and am in the meantime enjoying her excellent Instagram account.)

  • To round out all these Instagram links: I really enjoy cartoonist Josh Mecouch’s account, pantspants. Here’s a great one.

  • I also recommend the Koala Clip if you’re looking to carry a phone while you run and are tired of using one of the elastic belts!